Arrivederci Bianca vh Molenhof

1. Arrivederci Bianca vh Molenhof

Beautiful filly with impressive genes!

Corydon van T&L x Cristo

°2023 Mare

Chacira B & N Z

2. Chacira B & N Z

Future sport and breeding success combined!

Conthargos x Chellano Z

°2023 Mare

Admiral St. Hubertushoeve

3. Admiral St. Hubertushoeve

Electric colt by Commander HK Z!

Commander HK Z x Cicero Z van Paemel

°2023 Stallion

Axmar de Bitho Z

4. Axmar de Bitho Z

Impressive Aganix filly from the vd Bisschop breeding!

Aganix du Seigneur Z x Chacoon Blue

°2023 Mare

Erly Key SR Z

5. Erly Key SR Z

The moves and the looks!

Emerald x Malito de Reve

°2023 Mare

Alcatraz van de Gravenhoeve

6. Alcatraz van de Gravenhoeve

Future breeding stallion by breeding champion Bamako de Muze!

Bamako de Muze x Toulon

°2023 Stallion

Emma AR Z

7. Emma AR Z

Great moving filly by rising star Ermitage Kalone!

Ermitage Kalone x Conthargos

°2023 Mare

Eclips van 't Breezerhof Z

8. Eclips van 't Breezerhof Z

Top filly with van Paemel top genes!

Epleaser van 't Heike Z x Cicero Z van Paemel

°2023 Mare

Dolly Dot Axelhoeve Z

9. Dolly Dot Axelhoeve Z

Lovely filly out of a real sport damline!

Diaron OLD x Chin Chin

°2023 Mare


10. Appolo-GJ

Casall colt very closely related to Valentina van 't Heike!

Casall ASK x Nabab de Reve

°2023 Stallion

Elegance AEG Z

11. Elegance AEG Z

Very sharp filly by El Barone 111 Z!

El Barone 111 Z x Thunder van de Zuuthoeve

°2023 Mare

Collin Tachor Z

12. Collin Tachor Z

Centa de Muze is my granddam!

Comme il Faut x Cumano

°2023 Stallion

Azim vd Bisschop Prinseveld

13. Azim vd Bisschop Prinseveld

How much sport do you want?

Jaguar vd Berghoeve x Convento van de Helle

°2023 Stallion

Commando VHL from EOTM Z

14. Commando VHL from EOTM Z

I like to move it!

Commander HK Z x Giljandro van den Bosrand

°2023 Stallion

Castellina DVG Z

15. Castellina DVG Z

As sharp as they get!

Comilfo Plus Z x Castelino van de Helle

°2023 Mare

Chocolatje B & N Z

16. Chocolatje B & N Z

Chacco-Blue filly with van 't Heike genes!

Chacco-Blue x Numero Uno

°2023 Mare

Anubertha XH

17. Anubertha XH

Modern Darco out of a 1.45 performer!

Darco x Vigo d'Arsouilles

°2023 Mare

Cascade HH Z

18. Cascade HH Z

Stunning colt from a proven damline!

Scuderia 1918 Casago x Airforce HH

°2023 Stallion

Esprit Key SR Z

19. Esprit Key SR Z

Picture perfect powerhouse!

Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Libero H

°2023 Mare

Chouette DW Z

20. Chouette DW Z

Conthargos filly from the famous vd Heffinck breeding!

Conthargos x Cooper van de Heffinck

°2023 Mare

Calipso Tachor Z

21. Calipso Tachor Z

Chacfly combined with famous van 't Roosakker breeding!

Chacfly PS x Carthago Z

°2023 Stallion

Comme Kahluo STS Z

22. Comme Kahluo STS Z

Very sharp colt by breeding machine Comme il Faut!

Comme il Faut x Kannan

°2023 Stallion

Coco 111 De Bitho Z

23. Coco 111 De Bitho Z

Future stallion material!

Commander HK Z x Bamako de Muze

°2023 Stallion

Caramel Zoetendaele Z

24. Caramel Zoetendaele Z

The looks combined with serious girlpower!

Comme il Faut x Darco

°2023 Mare

Cayman RH Z

25. Cayman RH Z

My granddam is Walloon de Muze!

Carrera VDL x Coltaire Z

°2023 Stallion

Especially van 't Breezerhof Z

26. Especially van 't Breezerhof Z

Emerald filly with 3 sisters/brothers performing at LR level

Emerald x Heartbreaker

°2023 Mare

All Dorado VD

27. All Dorado VD

Your future Eldorado approved son!

Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Larimar

°2023 Stallion

Cocorico NN Z

28. Cocorico NN Z

Stunning colt with topsport genes!

Corydon van T&L x Nabab de Reve

°2023 Stallion

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